office chair makers teach you how to choose office chair

2018-01-09 13:13:23

office chair makers teach you how to choose office chair
Your office chair will create a different look. Grid office chair High back office chair Grid office chair will make you feel at work more comfortable. Expected to pay more than the standard chair. Ergonomic chairs are slightly more expensive than regular chairs, but as employers' health concerns, his or her staff can no longer invest in these chairs. Healthy employees, in the long run, should have fewer physical problems and should be the target of every workplace. Ergonomic chairs add to the pleasure of work, reducing body injuries, and everyone is happy at the end of the day. The following seven points are office chair makers on how to choose an overview of the office chair:
1, study the benefits of different ergonomic chairs. You will soon find the benefits of armrest support
2, to understand the characteristics of ergonomics. Height adjustment support the waist (waist). Look for the chair that offers this support. Tilt mechanism to stay mobile and dependent on support. Sitting at your desk, preferably sitting slightly on the back of the chair.
3, take a look at the benefits of seat plate. Your weight should be evenly distributed in your seat. Look for a rounded or waterfall edge in front of the seat to prevent the loop behind the knees and seat from being cut off. Three to four fingers should be placed between the front of the seat and the back of the knee. There should be at least comfortable seating on both sides of the hip. The entire hips forward space makes you sit too far, do not get enough thigh support. Some chairs tilt the pan forwards or backwards.
4, study the benefits of handrails. Relieve pressure on armrests, but may interfere with the table below. Finding adjustable width and height supports a variety of tasks including writing and reading to reduce stress on the neck and shoulders and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Broadly speaking, they should be wave-shaped and fluffy and comfortable.
5, the correct fabric. Cloth sets are cheaper and more breathable, but plastic or leather furniture is easier to keep clean. Looking for durable, water-permeable, breathable chairs, pay attention to the mesh film material, but also for the human body.
6, adjust the height of the chair. Pneumatic lever or air lift to adjust the seat height of the chair. The best posture, thigh should be flush with the ground, feet flat on the ground. The height of the chair should allow typing directly on the wrist.
7, found that the stability of the chair. Find a swiveling chair wheel to avoid over stretching and distorting your spine. Five basic will not cause you to sit down. Efforts to choose the rubber surface of the carpet and casters.

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