office chair makers for your design office chair yoga

2018-01-02 11:04:28

office chair makers for your design office chair yoga
1. Arm on the move
Efficacy: reduce the back and shoulder tension.
① sitting on the edge of the chair, to maintain the pelvis of Chiang Kai-shek, hands clasp each other in the chest;
② exhale, straight arm forward, the next inhale, arms stretched upward, buttocks under a solid pressure;
③ at the same time, with each inhale upward extension of the arm.
2 cattle face arm
Efficacy: relieve tension on the shoulders and strengthen the core strength
① sitting in a chair, breathing, the right arm will stretch up, exhale elbow flexion, and the right hand down between the two shoulder blades;
② the left hand to grab the right hand, hands clasped behind each other, keep breathing 8-10 times;
③ change the side to do the other side.
3 sitting bird king
Efficacy: relax wrist joints, relieve tension.
① lift the left leg on the right thigh, and the left leg around the right leg;
② Similarly, the left elbow stacked on the right elbow, and then wrapped around both wrists, thumbs pointing to the nose, keeping the pelvis and shoulders are unchanged;
③ keep breathing 8-10 times, change the side to do the other side.
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