office chair makers Description The basic structure of an office chair

2017-12-30 10:39:31

office chair makers Description The basic structure of an office chair
1: Casters: ordinary casters, PU wheels (soft materials, suitable for wooden floors, and the engine room).
2: Legs: the thickness of the iron frame directly affect the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: polishing, painting, baking (surface gloss, easy stripping), electroplating delete album (wooden frame can not be plated), good quality plating, it is not easy to rust.
3: gas bar: also known as the drawbar, used to adjust the height of the chair and rotation.
4: Chassis: lift the seat part of the seat, the following connected with the gas bar.
5: Seat: made of wood, sponge, fabric composition. The quality of the board is usually not felt by consumers. Sponge: renewable cotton, new cotton. 99% manufacturers are both with the use of thicker and harder, the higher the cost, the appropriate thickness, hardness appropriate. Press the chair seat, fabric: Ma Rong, mesh, leather. Plastic box pressure on the mesh. Such chairs, more in line with breathability.
6: Handrails: Thickness affects quality.
7: seat back connection (angle code): seat and seat back is split, the use of steel or steel connection, steel, usually 6mm or 8mm thick. But the width of less than 6cm of steel, must be 8mm thick.
8: back: steel frame, plastic frame chair, made of mesh fabric, breathable.
9: waist pillow: reflect the comfort of the chair.
10: headrest: the performance of the chair comfort.
office chair makers data show that consumption is mainly concentrated in three groups of people: First, the purchase of enterprises; second is the government procurement; third is the school procurement; Fourth, people families (study).
But now the proportion of government procurement is not big enough, mainly in business purchases, accounting for the main force.





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