Office chair adjustment

2017-06-19 11:51:02

We have spent the longest time in the office chair, in accordance with the principles of ergonomic office chairs with some of the functions to improve comfort in the use of their own seat is often to adjust the comfort, but a long time Feel tired, it will doubt the authenticity of the function, after the designer's demonstration and found that we are in the use of non-standard, and the office chair ergonomic function has not been reasonable and effective use, and now through the body and the office chair And related parts to explain how to adjust, in order to achieve scientific and lasting comfort.
Adjust the office chair and the correct seat is just one hand, more importantly, do not sit for a long time do not move, especially some white-collar workers in order to busy work, often only when the toilet will leave a short time, more than 7 hours a day In the chair does not move, so very affect the health, the experts suggested that the seat of an hour must move up, do some kicks, squatting, twisting activities, to promote the legs of the blood circulation and ease the back.

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