Future furniture design five trend personality update to stimulate safety and comfort

2017-10-20 10:18:56

Future furniture design five trend personality update to stimulate safety and comfort

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European furniture designers known for avant-garde. In the next few years, how will furniture develop? According to the European Community Art Institute published "furniture culture and art show changes from Europe," the report shows that the future of European furniture design will be the following aspects:


With the family concept of the constant, the family will become an important way of expression of men and women expression, furniture should reflect the common needs of the family, but also reflect the different personality. For example, the double bed can also be divided into two, kitchen table height points male master and hostess, bookshelf or bookcase layer more personalized and so on.


Old furniture will not be casually abandoned, and some will be used to improve the level of renovation methods for more practical furniture. Furniture to improve the level of the method of endless, I believe in the near future, can be combined to change the furniture will be more popular.


The pace of life is getting faster, all kinds of images continue to impact our lives. In the furniture design, the use of stimulating art design of small furniture, such as lighting will be highly valued, because it is good at expressing the owner's emotions, the switch novel and unique, very dynamic.


 Future families will pay more attention to safety factors. Therefore, the furniture will pay more attention to the protection of art design, and not only environmentally friendly, more fire, heat and lasting.


People no longer like the previous mahogany furniture like to pay attention to the preservation of furniture, on the contrary, the comfort of furniture has become the first factor to consider. The phenomenon of this trend is that the scientific and technological factors in the furniture design and manufacturing content is getting higher and higher, at the same time, the overall furniture will become the first choice for ordinary consumers.

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