china revolving chair consumer struct

2017-12-26 10:47:56

china revolving chair consumer structure
Consumption structure refers to the composition of the products or services consumed. This report mainly studies the consumption structure from three perspectives: product structure, user structure and regional structure.
1, the product structure, the main study of various types of sub-products or services consumption, as well as the breakdown of products or services in the size of the entire market size
2, the user structure, the main research products or services are sold to which user groups, and various consumer groups in the scale of the proportion of the entire market;
3, the regional structure, the main research products or services are sold to what key areas, as well as some key regional markets, the scale of consumption in the entire market size. Research on the structure of consumption will help enterprises to more accurately grasp the target customers and market segments to adjust the product structure.china revolving chair to better serve our customers and respond to market competition.



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