What is green office furniture?

What is green office furniture?

It is generally believed that non-environmentally friendly office furniture is mainly free formaldehyde emission and benzene (benzene, xylene) exceeded the personal health, and these two types of materials mainly from poor quality man-made board and poor paint.

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Green office furniture refers to the office furniture that basically does not emit harmful substances.
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A higher level of definition: to meet the specific needs of users, beneficial to the health of users, no harm to human health and injury, in the production process design has a strict size standards, according to ergonomic principles designed Office furniture.
Green office furniture has the following characteristics:
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1, the material is inclined to nature, itself does not contain harmful substances;
2, green office furniture according to ergonomic design, people-oriented, not only pay attention to people in the static conditions of the physiological conditions and study the dynamic conditions of human physiological conditions. In normal use and occasional use will not have adverse effects on the human body and injury.
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3, green office furniture design and production as much as possible to extend the product life cycle, making it more durable and reduce the energy consumption during the re-processing process.
4, the design of the office furniture, high grade, should have the cultural heritage and scientific and technological content.

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