What are the materials in the desk?

2017-08-31 11:41:39

Most of the desk is not unfamiliar, because the company's office are nothing to do this office office supplies, but the general desk is what material, there may be a lot of people want to ask, the following simple
Introduce the material knowledge of the desk. Generally according to the desk material is divided into two kinds of solid wood and wood-based panels.

 executive office nylon chair

     A solid wood: the main particleboard as a substrate, positive and negative surface pressure paste a layer of melamine paper. Industry referred to as melamine board. Since the essence of its surface is a layer of paper, so it can be designed into numerous colors, printed out. Such as wood grain, cloth pattern, concrete marble texture, etc., of course, can also design the nature does not exist color. Picture of the application of the bit should be the application of melamine board, the desktop white. The edges of the plates are typically sealed with PVC material.

  Two wood-based panels: wood-based panels in the desk material, as mentioned above, mainly MDF as a substrate, positive and negative surface pressure natural veneer, the general thickness of 20 ~ 60s. And then spray the multilayer paint on its surface. The main advantage of this type of paint board is the limitations of furniture modeling is not, can do some oblique, curved and other irregular shape. While the melamine board tends to produce simple fashion products. The price is relatively low.

Two kinds of materials have their own good, when you choose, to see you focus on that aspect, if the price is relatively cheap and practical selection of man-made board, if you pay attention to style, temperament, corrosion resistance, choose solid wood





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