Two new standards in the field of furniture formally implemented

2017-04-26 11:03:47

Led by the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of furniture and hardware drafted QB/T 2280-2016 office furniture office chairs and QB/T 4934-2016 conjoined dining chair two standards in July 1, 2016 began to implement.
The new implementation of the "office furniture office chairs" standard through the office chair size, appearance, physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties, flame retardant, hazardous substances and safety, etc.. Compared with the previous version, the standard name, term definition, classification, requirements, test methods and sampling methods have been revised to adapt to the new industry situation. The new standard increased the "metal parts coating salt fog" "TVOC" "safety" and other test items on office chairs put forward higher requirements.
The newly formulated "siamesed chair" standard from the logo, size, appearance, physicochemical properties, mechanical properties and harmful substances to regulate, to be dining at the same time, also developed the first set of conjoined chair testing equipment, fill the blank of conjoined dining tables and chairs product quality requirements and test methods.
The new standards for the product put forward more reasonable requirements, after the implementation of the standard will effectively regulate the office chairs and conjoined table and chair industry, in ensuring the safety of consumers, and promote the development of the industry will also play a positive role.

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