The sports meeting for fun,held by Chang Shuo Street Labor Union,was really laughable.

"Promote the spirit of craftsmen to boost the vitality of Changshuo"
                                                             - Enterprise workers fun games

Date: [2017-04-29]
    In order to enhance the physical and mental health of the workers, enrich the amateur cultural life of the staff and improve the spirit of cooperation among the staff and workers, and fully demonstrate the spirit of the staff and workers. On the 27th, the Changshao Street Trade Union organized various enterprises in the area to carry out the " "Fun Games. We Rich and Furniture Co., Ltd. are also actively involved.

Team style

Jump big rope OFFICE CHAIR
       Also known as the collective rope skipping, reflecting the team cooperation and collective consciousness, which should be a child often play the project, but in front of these groups is a small case, the championship team, but two minutes jumped 117!

Ball around the rod
This game is reflected in each player's playing skills friends, the girls were not as good as boys skilled, and accidentally ran away the ball.

Tug of war
This game is reflected in the team is a centripetal force and cohesion. 

The purpose of the staff fun game is
So that we can relax in the busy spare time,
Strengthen solidarity, trust and mutual assistance among staff
Movement is the source of life; movement is the key of the song of the.
Exercise makes people feel comfortable,
Summer is there, little partner, exercise!

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