The office chair makers tells you why the chair exploded

2018-01-05 15:30:27

The office chair makers tells you why the chair exploded
     The reason why there will be an explosion chair, the key issue appears in the bar pressure. Someone introduced under normal circumstances, the bar is a pneumatic rod is sealed, the seal barrel has a lot of seals, filling the gas as long as there is one or two standard atmospheric pressure to ensure its normal work, but if the pressure is too large, There may be an explosion.
     The office chair makers explained that the bar may explode in three cases. First of all, the pressure bar is filled with nitrogen gas, if the gas purity is not enough, or mixed with oxygen or other substances inside, in high temperature environment or under frequent friction may explode. Under normal circumstances, the gas purity of 90% or more can ensure safety. Second, the pressure bar container wall fast enough, poor material, may also lead to explosions. The third situation is the seal lax seal, resulting in gas burst out.

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