Teach you solid wood furniture moisture guide

2017-10-12 09:28:04

In the damp weather, not only our body will be affected, solid wood furniture is the same. Solid wood furniture is easy to damp, and the south of China back to the south of the weather even more, if the furniture conservation if not easy, easy to mold, thereby reducing the life of furniture. Here's how to keep the solid wood furniture in a humid environment.

Office chair

Today, many solid wood furniture in the factory after a rigorous drying process, but this does not mean that can not be moisture. To deal with solid wood furniture on the water droplets, can be dipped in a dry cloth on a little solid wood cleaning agents, such cleaning agents can be formed in the solid wood furniture, a layer of protective film, a certain degree of organization of water vapor penetration.

Solid wood furniture after damp easy to swell moldy. In this situation may wish to put a place in the musty of soap, or the dried tea leaves into the gauze bag into the help to eliminate the musty.

Second, in peacetime, but also to the furniture coated with a thin layer of high-quality light wax, like wiping the same leather gently wipe out the shiny. This did not only keep the solid wood furniture, but also increased its light.


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