Rattan chair price rattan chair maintenance outdoor rattan chair

2017-06-05 09:21:29

Rattan chair price rattan chair maintenance outdoor rattan chair
Groundwalking decoration Wikipedia Chair: covers the introduction of rattan furniture, outdoor rattan chair, rattan chair price and the maintenance of the method of laden chair.
Introduction of rattan chair
Made with a variety of chair frame, with rattan rattan rattan rattan banding made of various chairs, a rattan bench, rattan chair, rattan chair and so on. European-style rattan with solid wood skeleton, woven rattan rattan or rattan, the relative craft and style than the traditional rattan more gorgeous, with twisted rattan armchair, orchid chair.
Rattan chair lightweight and generous, those fine intertwined rattan simple, refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern city, more and more deeply appreciate the authenticity of anti-Pu Guizhen true desire for intimate integration with nature, layout of a room filled with pastoral atmosphere, give yourself another experience of living. In this sense, nature is fashion. Those rattan chairs and other rattan furniture, inadvertently together to create a feeling of small cabin, rich atmosphere of small rattan made of ornaments, its shape and composition can be arbitrary.
Outdoor rattan chair
The rattan chair itself should be used as a kind of rattan furniture used indoors. The outdoor wicker chair mainly refers to the rattan chair for outdoor or semi-outdoor use for public activities. It is an important element in determining the material basis of the space function of the building outside the space (including the space outside the air, also known as "gray space") and the form of outdoor space.
Rattan chair price
The price is relatively expensive, and now the price is reasonable, is the use of high-level environmentally friendly materials made of hand-woven, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, comfortable, elegant, leisure, not afraid of water, not afraid of sun, a large number of Hotels, clubs, restaurants, villas, resorts and so on.
The real rattan chair is made of plant rattan material, its structure is two, one is the use of coarse rattan chair skeleton, and then with rattan rattan bar into the chair of the body; there is a use of solid wood Frame, and then use rattan rattan and other preparation. These two kinds of structures after a most common, you can shape the richer shape, two kinds of rattan chair prices are different, but if it is almost the shape and size, rattan is almost the same, this price will be a former for the expensive.
Imitation rattan chair price is much lower than the real, such as if a real mattress price is a thousand pieces, then imitation rattan chair price in 100 to 300 look.
Maintenance of rattan chair
Wipe the rattan sofa with light salt, decontamination at the same time to keep its flexibility long lasting, but also can have a certain anti-brittle, anti-moth effect; balcony rattan furniture sofa most afraid of gray, usually surface dust can be wet Soft cloth can be; between the gap between the dust with a paint brush or vacuum cleaner to clean, can not use the surface of the damaged rattan furniture cleaning or solvent wipe, to avoid water and direct exposure to the sun in order to avoid the flexibility and luster of the vine.
1, pay attention to shade. The ultraviolet light on the balcony will make the rattan degenerate brittle, prolonged exposure will make the white rattan furniture sofa yellowed, so that the reddish red bright red furniture furniture sofa local fade, make expensive bamboo and rattan furniture sofa dry, loose and disengage. In the spring and summer to avoid direct sunlight is particularly important, can be translucent white tulle curtains separated from direct sunlight, both to protect the rattan chair sofa furniture and keep lighting;
2, to avoid damp. The advantage of the mattress sofa furniture is that it is fixed to the original shape after being deformed and, after being dried or dried, it will return to its original shape and size, and can be inserted under the seat Stool or storage box, etc., to help hold up the rattan surface, so that the slow dry do not deformation;
3, to maintain ventilation. Rattan chair can absorb a certain amount of water. But if the adsorption of too much moisture, then the furniture will become soft, loose structure, plane sagging, and easy to brew the mesh moldy. Therefore, if in the south, especially during the rainy season, the balcony of the rattan chair sofa furniture ventilation is particularly important; but do not require "dry" eager to carry it to the sun direct exposure, it is easy to quickly deformation or even broken;
4, to avoid close to the fire source, heat source. Winter heating radiator is the enemy of the balcony rattan chair sofa furniture, close to the part of the rattan has long been dry hair crisp, toughness worse, sitting difficult to recover, we must remember to put the insulation pad.

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