Plastic office furniture anti-wear heat-resistant maintenance simple

2017-11-10 10:07:48


Plastic materials made of office furniture with water, abrasion, scrub and other characteristics, the usual care and maintenance is relatively simple.
office furniture
PVC office furniture easy to aging, brittle, should try to avoid direct sunlight and close to the stove and radiator. If the iron can be broken after the hot iron bonding, you can also use banana water and polyvinyl chloride dissolved into pieces of glue glue.
Polypropylene office furniture light, oil, good performance on chemical solvents, but the hardness is poor, should be to prevent the collision and the hardcore tool tip scratches.
office furniture
Plastic office furniture can be used ordinary detergent, be careful not to touch hard objects, do not use metal brush to scrub.
office furniture


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Plastic veneer office furniture Do not be exposed to direct sunlight and withstand local pressure, heat, to prevent the expansion of veneer joints, unglued. Also to prevent local thrashing, cutting cracking. Laminated office furniture mostly fiberboard, easily damp expansion, separation, pay special attention to waterproof moisture. Can be in the substrate, that is, the reverse side of the veneer 1-2 varnish moisture. If it is found out of the veneer and its substrate, the first combination of parts should be cleaned with banana water or xylene, and then use a universal adhesive paste recovery, glue dry, and then with the joints with varnish closed.

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