Officechair makers disadvantages, opportunities and threats

Office chair makers disadvantages, opportunities and threats
       At present, the office chair industry has the following disadvantages: low reputation and lack of connotation of brand image; high cost and fierce price struggle; many factories do not have the right to import; restrictions on intermediaries and exporters and internationalization are inadequate; product technical quality, Not enough; lack of management personnel; network security and other issues.
       China's accession to the WTO, you can enjoy the preferential introduction of advanced technology and talent, high grade raw materials; foreign office chair production and sales costs, from the competition for office chair market share point of view, a short period of time, with the domestic office chair industry Compared, does not take up too much advantage.
       T-Threat poses a threat to the market share of low-priced office chairs in ASEAN countries and high-end office chairs in Europe and the United States. The domestic office chair market is facing fierce price war, and more and more office chair makers are engaged in e-commerce.

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