Office furniture color should be how to choose?

Office furniture color should be how to choose?

How to choose the color of office furniture is also the focus of the designer's attention, in the office environment due to the staff of the environmental work type, work items are different, and the staff of different titles, so their office furniture color should also be changed , So as to reflect the different job distinctions, but also can form the most good office atmosphere, the formation of competitive efforts to fight the upper reaches of the office environment. So for the office furniture color selection of the relevant matters, FU HE office to be interpreted as follows, looking forward to achieve a more superb choice of office furniture products.

1, color area type boundaries clear.
The main environment of the office for the cold color, then the natural need to choose office furniture for the cold color to carry out the corresponding transformation, and in order to prevent a single tone caused by visual fatigue, but also to achieve a rich change, so you can achieve the same cool color Choice, so that you can achieve the office environment to create, so simple office furniture can also play a unique effect, to help people improve their office enthusiasm and office comfort, of course, can also improve the staff for the corresponding entertainment mood Manufacture, improve their work efficiency.
Of course, if the main office is divided into warm color, then the choice of office furniture should also be less warm color, to the choice of different colors, need to have a different shades of different colors of the back and forth transformation, to achieve changes in gradient color, To bring people to a richer office environment, more diverse and changing the office environment, to achieve the sight of the atmosphere to create, to avoid a single tone caused by visual fatigue, so the color area type boundaries clear, but the detailed tone needs to be changed, This is the basic criterion for the selection of office furniture tones.


2, the type of office for the impact of office color.
Of course, for the different types of company jobs also need to carry out the appropriate office furniture tones of the excellent choice. Positions are relatively high leaders, it is clear that the need to choose a dark tone to the color of office furniture screening, this can create a solemn and serious atmosphere, while improving the sense of oppression, improve the efficiency of office staff. For subordinates, is also the most good warning, to improve the enthusiasm of subordinate work, so high for the leadership of the office now need to carry out the most serious color decoration, the most reasonable choice of office furniture.
Of course, for the staff, as well as the company in charge of different types of staff can be based on different job distinctions to carry out the appropriate office color selection. For the accountants obviously their office needs to be cool-based, to improve their vigilance and sensitivity. So for the office of the market sales staff, now office furniture selection, the need for the corresponding warm color processing.

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