Office chair manufacturers tell you why the office chair lift explosion

2018-01-14 16:10:02

Office chair manufacturers tell you why the office chair lift explosion
Lift chair lift mainly by the lower part of the chair lift device to achieve, the current lifting device is divided into three categories: hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic. Pressure chair is the most common chair lift, pressure chair lift has a pressure bar, pressure bar is a gas and liquid as the working medium, can play support, cushioning, braking, height adjustment and angle adjustment Function of the elastic element, the basic principle is filled with high-pressure nitrogen inside, due to the inside of the piston with through-hole, the piston pressure equal to both ends of the gas, while the cross-sectional area of the piston on both sides of different, one end connected to the piston rod and the other end, Under the action of the gas pressure, the pressure on the side with a small cross-sectional area, that is, the elastic force of the pressure bar, is obtained. When the person is sitting on the pressure of the lifting shaft, the lifting shaft gently descends and the speed is reduced to the lowest point. Do not give the lifting shaft force, lifting shaft back to the highest point. Regular office chair manufacturers are filled with nitrogen, the concentration is generally above 99%, the pressure at about one or two atmospheric pressure.



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