Office chair manufacturers tell you how to choose the office chair

2018-01-13 16:11:14

Office chair manufacturers tell you how to choose the office chair
1. Material: General Office chair manufacturers produce office chairs leather's office chair, PU leather office chairs, cloth office chairs, mesh office chairs, plastic office chairs and so on.
2. Specifications: Specifications and diverse, with conventional specifications of the spot, and production according to customer demand.
3. Color: a variety of choices.
4. Substrate: The use of high-quality solid wood, after secondary drying to ensure that the moisture content of less than 12% of the choice of the product after molding little chance of deformation, splicing process with mortise knot and finger-jointed two ways, Glue, no cracking, no warpage, no deformation, and after pest control, anti-corrosion treatment, strictly selected before use, durable.
5. Paint: The use of high-quality environmentally friendly polyester paint and advanced paint technology, "five at the end of three," soft and lasting color, smooth and wear-resistant, feel good.
6. sponge: the use of density between 45-18 high-quality sponge.
Fabric: Executive chair fabric leather, leather (PU leather) or mesh fabric.
8. Accessories: activities feet, gas stick, dust cover, multi-purpose chassis.

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