Office chair makers analyze the principle of chair explosion

2017-12-21 22:42:16

Office chair makers analyze the principle of chair explosion
The reason for the explosion of the chair is caused by two reasons: first, the purity of the nitrogen in the air pressure bar is insufficient, and explosion may occur under the high temperature environment or the friction is too frequent; secondly, the container wall of the air pressure bar is not strong enough or the material Poor, may explode; the third case is sealed seal is not tight, leading to the gas burst out. Suggest that the choice of lift swivel chair must be formal channels to choose regular products, to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

As the pressure bar wall is too thin, the seat of the chair is relatively rough, usually sit up and down when moving, friction back and forth to form a cut, it itself is very thin, with friction to form a thin mouth, long time to naturally explode . Xiaobian think not to let the chair explode, either to increase the wall thickness, or to improve the design of the bottom of the chair, both to have an improvement, the probability of explosion will be reduced to very low, if both improve at the same time, the probability of explosion almost Can be reduced to zero.

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