Important parts and functions of office chairs

2017-10-27 10:06:14


New office chair design w-158

Mechanical chassis
For the most important part of an office chair. The most common mechanical chassis function can be divided into: the back of the carving; back and cushion simultaneously tilted; back angle adjustment; cushion forward angle adjustment and so on. Purchase of office furniture to be properly assessed and considered, in order to choose a match
Suitable for the function of the chair, in line with the actual work needs.
Seat height and angle
The adjustment function provides the user with the appropriate back support to help the user maintain the correct sitting position to protect the spine of the user from damage due to prolonged work.
Waist care
office chair
On the back of the cotton-like chair is an indispensable design project, its function is to help users to maintain the correct sitting position, reduce the spine to withstand the pressure, and to avoid the spine due to bad posture two distorted.
Mesh material
It is now widely used in the back of the ergonomic chair. Because of the flexibility and softness, so that the design of the back of the chair can be more prominent part of the waist, but when the body after the back, the mesh will automatically adjust to adapt, no matter what kind of body, Support
Its entire back.
Seat height
May be appropriate to adjust, an office chair is equally important. Different height of the user can be free to adjust the chair seat to adapt to its height, so that the cushion to properly support its thighs, colleagues feet can be flat on the ground, so although a long time sitting in a chair work, does not affect the normal blood
Seat direction
office chair
Free to allow users to easily with the desktop status and work needs to change the direction of the body without twisting the waist.

Polyester (PU) cotton
For a flexible two-long deformation of the best cushion material, and because of its production process using die-casting made, so the cushion can be made in line with the shape of the human buttocks, in addition to balance the weight of the body, but also the appearance of a chair Modern design atmosphere.
Handrail height
The adjustment function allows the user to adjust the handrail to its proper height. So when the arm rest on the armrest side of the shoulder can also relax loose colleagues and reduce the pressure brought about by the work.
office chair
Headrest height
The adjustment function is important in a modern leather class chair. Users can adjust their height to the appropriate position of the headrest to the appropriate position, so that it needs to retreat, the head and neck will be fully supported, to eliminate fatigue.
Claw legs and casters
With particular emphasis on its tolerance, the key is to participate in the raw materials used in the life and more difficult to identify from the surface. The world recognized the standard requirements of the claw legs should withstand 1400 kg weight pressure; two casters should be> 15N rolling friction resistance test.


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