Home + New Retail = Industry Change?

New retail concept from the initial mention, and now triggered a lot of industry thinking or even practice, but just a few months time to Ali and Jingdong as the representative of the electricity business platform and offline shopping malls began cooperation, "new retail" concept was Pushed to the stage, but in fact this is the result of the accumulation of Internet economic development, not out of empty talk. Large data accumulation, the value of offline traffic attention, cloud platform development, these new retail factors to bring hope to many industries, which of course includes the home industry. But as a traditional industry, the home industry, large volume, more branches, for the new concept of caution, in the past few years the home industry is also a new field of electricity and other businesses have tried, there are gains and losses, then the new retail concept appears after it Is it possible to have an unexpected reaction to the home industry?

New Retail & Home Trends

Bright future, the road is far away

Zhu Jun: the past few years, public opinion often controversial topic: who replaced who! As if it were a game of whatever. One side said that after all, to replace the entity, one side speak of the entity after all survive, the two pulled to the opposite. In fact, time is the best referee, at least until now the main reason for the controversy is that we fully verify the practice of online and offline two inseparable, complementary to each other, that is, new retail line Service, offline experience reshaping the structure of the definition of state. In this sense, the new retail put forward and guide can be said to be the right time.

For the home industry, the depth of the new retail extension of the cloud platform, the new logistics, artificial depth of the depth of the depth of application is still too early, but at least the direction is correct, the prospects are bright.

For example, the introduction of large data in household consumption, individual consumer spending habits and consumption records are read and used to analyze, it will make consumer behavior more accurate and scientific, business sales behavior is undoubtedly more favorable. Of course, the more important significance is that the past to the store as the center of the inherent model, to be customer-centric business model completely subversive, this change in the same sense of the home industry to the deep.

Moreover, today's mobile Internet economy unprecedented development, "always online" has become a reality. It is brought about by the time and space limitations of the breakthrough, home consumer information access, contrast, interaction, relevance, service, etc. are more convenient. This puts a higher demand for business, forcing them to turn brand value from product and store into service and experience. And its own home industry with low-frequency consumption, high passenger unit price, heavy experience characteristics, consumer rationality of decision-making than ordinary fast consumption is much higher, so this "service and experience change" demanding.

Compared with previous years, now Shenzhen home industry days to a lot of tough,high quality black office chair but had to admit that the service level improved a lot. Such as the poor is thinking of the same logic, the new market situation is confusing to the home industry to keep up with the situation, how to build online system, how to improve offline experience? We can feel the industry enterprises continue to try, although the stage is still relatively junior, to go the road is still far away, but in the end will see the bright future.


New retail & home status

Do not panic, first build a good brand

RICCA RDO DA LMA SO (Chinese name: Zhang Yi): "new retail" in today's society is not a new vocabulary, the impact of the Internet, the consumer's buying habits have changed, so many large enterprises have to the Internet Electronics Business transformation. Ma will be the new retail summary as "online, offline + logistics" this sales model. From the brand point of view, the home industry is undoubtedly a distribution channel brand is stronger than the manufacturing channel brand industry, the home industry in the past sales channels are manufacturers (manufacturers) - dealers (distribution channels) - consumers (customers), consumption Often only remember where to buy this sofa, chair, bed ... ... do not remember this product which brand is produced and manufactured. And now with the rise of new retail, logistics development, whether to catalyze the transformation of traditional furniture manufacturers, to promote new home retail it? The answer is yes.

In the new home retail model, manufacturers and logistics companies can cooperate to reduce the dealer's transit process, directly with consumers to buy behavior, shorten the distance between the brand and the consumer. At the same time there may be a new industry such as the installation of the company, the rise of transport companies, as well as some traditional industries (dealers, decoration company) merger transition. Product line online parallel line, to reduce consumer concerns about the quality of online products. Line stores mainly to seize the "experiential consumption", so that consumers experience the desire to be met, IKEA home to restore the scene, the experiential model is worth learning. Today's consumers on the quality of home life and more and more demanding, stores can try to use multimedia technology, and artists to create a immersive art scene, so that consumers linger, home products to buy home to enjoy.

No matter what the industry, we must do brand building. Here the brand building does not mean a simple trademark, V I and other basic design, but from the customer point of view, people-oriented, concerned about consumer psychology, find the pain point, and find ways to meet these needs. Brand promotion to "from the inside out" to do both hands. "From the" refers to the brand and product content itself, in order to have a good reputation, long-term operation down. "Outside" is to grasp the needs of the target consumer groups in order to change the vagaries of the times in the flow of the opportunity, and will not follow the crowd. CC in the process of brand design is very focused on the brand line line under the principle of consistency, so that consumers have a unified brand awareness; at the same time, CC focus on user needs, for specific consumer needs, office comfortable chairs will be unique Brand story runs through the brand image, so that the brand to maintain their own unique and high degree of identification. I believe we can help brand upgrades, follow the trend of the times, to lead the market a good brand.

New retail & home response

Part of the home first "new retail" up

Han Lei: To analyze the new retail, then we start from the "retail" look. Retail is an old industry, its essence is in a particular situation, the consumer with a satisfactory price or a good experience to buy the required items or services. New retail still can not get rid of this essence, but driven by the Internet, the shopping scene changes, with large data, cloud platform, payment changes, etc., the scene may be closer to consumer demand.

But retail is also a very broad concept, of course, is a large branch of the home industry. However, the characteristics of the home industry itself but let it appear in the retail special, usually furniture, home textiles and other products to buy the long cycle, far more than the general retail goods, despite the economic progress, in China home purchase cycle Has been shortened, but fundamentally it is still not the consumption of daily necessities.

In addition, the retail industry is more experienced, it is because of the high frequency of use, the replacement cycle is long, consumers are more cautious to treat these products.

The new retail is currently showing unattended, self-service shopping and other characteristics, and the characteristics of the home industry has not completely bite. Of course, this is only part of the new retail properties, but it is undeniable that even the layout of the new retail Beijing East is still the first look at the convenience store supermarkets and other daily necessities retail direction. This is the first step, need to open the situation.

However, there are many types of home industry, some home products are gradually moving closer to the daily necessities retail, and there is no clear boundaries, then the new retail may be preferred in these home categories, such as IKEA products such as modular products strong brand , May be more appropriate to try this new concept first.

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