High quality office furniture manufacturers tell you how to judge the quality of office furniture is good or bad?

High quality office furniture manufacturers tell you how to judge the quality of office furniture is good or bad?
Cabinet cabinet furniture structure loose, tenon combination of parts is not solid, there are broken tenon, broken material situation occurs; wood-based panel furniture roof, slab, floor and side with a nail nails, the process is very unreasonable.
② drawer without mortise and tenon, no slot, no drawer at the bottom; drawer structure at loose, not glue at the tenon structure, drawer to help and plug the nail connection.
③ wood without drying, moisture content is high; the internal structure of furniture using decaying wood and insects continue to erode the wood.
④ serious unreasonable material, the use of particle board, MDF door closet, column, the former support, drawers and other bearing components. The company is located in:
⑤ full mirror no back body, no pressure bar, with nails positioning; glass plate with nail nails, can easily lead to broken glass, endanger personal safety. The company is located in:
⑥ functional size of office furniture does not meet the requirements of the standard. Such as a large wardrobe space hanging height can not reach
⑦ leather sofas, interior wood moisture content is high, the board thin, with bark, the use of splitting materials, decaying materials and insect erosion materials. The company is located in:
⑧ sofa frame with nail structure, do not open the tenon, not drilling, no sizing. Loose structure, not solid.
⑨ sofa and soft mattress internal use does not meet the health standards of waste sacks and moldy worms of the blankets and blankets. The company is located in:
⑩ rough appearance of furniture products, wooden furniture with a large area of ​​veneer and open plastic, paint color flowers; cushion and sofa cloth floss is not straight, multiple jumpers; products without trademark, did not indicate the origin and business name , Did not paste the quality level mark.
Therefore, high quality office furniture manufacturers suggest that when you buy office furniture, we must understand the material and workmanship of office furniture, careful observation of office furniture details, so that we can choose better quality office furniture.

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