Have you been used by furniture for "trade-in"?

Have you been used by furniture for "trade-in"?

Home appliance industry is no longer what news, and the national policy led the furniture "trade-in" has been slow to implement, although many businesses continue to carry out the furniture "trade-in" activities, but in essence there are most consumers are active Unidentified price of the business behavior flicker.

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Huyou one: to receive the old furniture processing fees
"Consumers can not remember the price of each product so accurate, and can not go every day to the furniture city." The industry told reporters that consumers for the 10% to 20% intuitive, but easy to allow some manufacturers in Profits on the loopholes, this incentive to buy furniture people seem to earn cheap, but actually eat a loss.
Such as a original price of 5,000 yuan bed, 10% off the sale (the actual turnover of 4,500 yuan); some irresponsible manufacturers in the activities of the day the price tag changed to 6,000 yuan, 15% off sale - Fold, the last 4800 yuan deal. It is likely to cut a half price, the result is likely to spend more than usual price. Some companies also by "trade-in" model to cover the price of fraud, lifting the price of furniture over the old furniture equivalent price, and even contains the old furniture processing price, such as the original 4,000 yuan of furniture, "trade-in" it sells 5500 Yuan, the old furniture equivalent to 1,000 yuan, in fact, it also received a 500 yuan of furniture processing costs. Because each enterprise furniture is outstanding personality, ordinary people can not compare the price.
Flicker two: low discount name is not true
This phenomenon is more common in the home market promotion. For example, some shopping malls to play outside the "5 fold" promotional slogan, but in reality only a very small amount of 50% of product sales, most of the home products are still more than 7 fold. And even some shopping malls simply do not have 50% of the product, just through the ultra-low price gimmicks to attract consumers first, and then through the salesman's three-inch tongue to persuade consumers to buy products. Before buying to pay attention to whether it is "clear code", in addition to thin contrast, you can record the activities before and after the specific price of a product, if there are differences before and after, then there must be tricky.

Flick three: buy a gift is very cost-effective
In addition to discount promotions, buy products to send gifts is also a more popular way of promotion. Home manufacturers often seize many consumers greedy small psychological, to buy a combination of promotional gifts. Some home manufacturers to buy furniture, building materials, home furnishings to the activities of the strategy, buy more to send, so as to stimulate consumption. It is understood that some furniture stores to sell furniture gift vouchers, said it can be in all its stores to use the furniture brand. But when the next day when the consumer to take the gift vouchers ready to spend time, actually told the clerk: vouchers have expired, carefully examined only to find the back of the lower left corner of the gift certificate with a very small word: the day effective, expired.
Fudge four: special products or traps
Business form, if it is a large store in the integration of many small shops, and each store activities or discounts are completely different, the risk of being fooled even greater, and centralized or large shopping malls are more at ease.
Insiders pointed out that the home product discount promotions, consumers can not be too much covet a low discount. A penny of goods, those low discount of household products, often there are production process defects or product quality problems, and some household products after-sales service can not be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers in the choice of products, to try to tend to discount relatively modest, do not be dazzled by low discounts. Consumers need to carefully identify, do advice, do not fall into the trap of promotion.


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