Ergonomic considerations for office chair makers in their design

2018-01-06 16:15:18

Ergonomic considerations for office chair makers in their design
      The office chair makers is designed according to the ergonomics principle. By adjusting the height of the chair seat, the armrest of the chair can be kept at the same water level with the surface of the desk, and the forearm and wrist moment of the person are supported when the computer is operated. Because operating the computer in a common table and chair, the human wrist and forearm are left vacant, so the muscle moment is in a state of tension. With proper elbow support can make the human body to maintain a reasonable operating sitting position, that is, to take an upright or slightly forward leaning sitting position, to avoid hunched back, for some desktop jobs can also be used to sit slightly backward, Comfortably dependent on the seat backrest. The operator has a variety of seated positions to choose from, often changing poses to relieve fatigue. The right elbow support not only makes the sitting correct, stable, but also make desktop operations more standardized. The user can also adjust the tilt angle of the chair as needed. Computer chairs to maximize the human body to meet the comfort needs of the arm and body play a direct protective effect.

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