Concept and analysis of office chair makers

2018-01-06 16:24:52

Concept and analysis of office chair makers
1. The height of the office chair must be conducive to the health of the human body. For the height of office chairs, the country has the standard rules. Among them, the height of the office chair size standard 700 ~ 760mm four specifications, office chairs and seat height of 400 ~ 440mm three specification

2. Correct office chair height should be able to maintain two basic vertical when sitting, first, when the feet flat on the ground, the thigh and lower leg can be substantially vertical, then the seat front can not be oppressive under the thigh plane. Second, when the arms naturally drooping, the upper arm and the arm basically vertical, then the desktop height should just contact with the lower arm plane. This will keep people in the correct sitting and writing position. If the height of tables and chairs with unreasonable will directly affect people's posture, is not conducive to the health of users. For this reason, the space under the desk should be no less than 580mm high and no less than 520mm wide.

Office chair makers have done a lot of improvement and regulation

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