Computer chair manufacturers on the size and design basis of the instructions

2017-12-25 10:23:21

Computer chair manufacturers on the size and design basis of the instructions
Chair size design and body size have a great relationship, in understanding the size of the chair, we must first understand the following concepts: body size, sitting height size, sitting depth size, sitting width size and sitting slope.
Computer chair manufacturers to explain what is body size?
Human body size can be divided into static body size and human dynamic size. Human body static size has a greater relationship with objects that have a direct relationship with the human body, such as furniture, clothing, equipment, etc., which mainly provide data for various furniture and equipment. The human body dynamic size is the capacity of the body to perform certain kinds of functional activities Reached the scope of the space.
Sit high size
Sitting height refers to the vertical distance from the seat surface to the ground. Since the seat surface is often tilted backwards, the height of the seat is usually the height of the front seat as the height of the chair. Appropriate sitting height: keep the thigh level, leg vertical, feet flat on the ground.
Sitting deep refers to the front edge of the seat surface to the back edge of the distance, the depth of sitting on the human body sitting comfort great influence. If the chair sits deeper than the thigh horizontal length, the human body will have a great inclination to the back of the backrest, and the lack of support points on the waist and vacant, aggravating the intensity of muscle activity in the waist leading to fatigue; while sitting too deep, Numbness reaction, and is not conducive to stand up. The average length of the human leg sitting the average length of the thigh: 445MM for men and 425MM for women, and then ensure that the front edge of the knee to leave a certain distance (about 60MM), so sit deep in the general size between 380 ~ 420MM.




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