Chair gold size intimate purchase criteria

2017-08-14 09:40:56

The size of the furniture is not only used awkward,Some will also affect the health.Especially sitting in the chair "looks beautiful"Gave our spine to bring the inevitable damage.Tables and chairs bench height inappropriate with improper posture action,Causing our spine to become increasingly fragile.Take a look at the size of the seat below,Buy time can do reference oh ~

Dinette size

① The scientific height of the table is about 1800px.

② seat chair seat height of 1125px, too high feet can not be ground, too low is sitting uncomfortable.

③ tables and chairs supporting the use of tables and chairs height difference should be controlled in the 28-800px range.

④ In general, when dining the table occupied by the desktop size of about 40 × 1500px. According to the number of users can roughly determine the size of the desktop:

2 person table: width 80 ~ 2500px × length 80 ~ 2500px

4 people table: wide 120 ~ 3500px × length 80 ~ 2500px

6 people table: wide 180 ~ 5000px × length 80 ~ 2500px

Desk and chair size

① According to China's normal human body measurement, desk height should be 75-2000px, length should be greater than 2250px, seat height should be 40-1250px, seat width of not less than 950px.

② the height of the space under the desk is not less than 1450px, the space width is not less than 1300px. This is to ensure that people in the use of legs when there is enough room for activity.

Coffee table size

① the distance between the sofa and coffee table should be between 40-1125px.

② coffee table height can be similar with the sofa, but also slightly higher than the height of the sofa, easy to take things.

③ with three sofa with coffee table size should be 120 * 70 * 45 (cm) or 100 * 100 * 45 (cm).


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